Planning your wedding is an exciting journey – but choosing the right venue and catering service is crucial to making your special day unforgettable. At LittleWolf, we understand the importance of this decision. That’s why we’ve partnered with a range of venues to suit every style and size of wedding. From grand halls to intimate settings, we have the perfect backdrop for your celebration, complemented by our restaurant-quality food and exceptional service.

Large Weddings (120+ Guests):

Brad’s Warehouse: Located in Auckland CBD, Brad’s Warehouse is a unique event venue offering a blend of historic charm and modern amenities. With the capacity to host up to 500 guests for standing functions and 380 for seated events, this iconic blue stone building is perfect for large, vibrant weddings. The venue’s versatility allows for both grand celebrations and intimate gatherings, making it an ideal choice for your special day.

Jonker’s Farm: Nestled near the wild west coast of Bethells Beach, Jonkers Farm is a 540-acre paradise, just thirty minutes from downtown Auckland. This working farm, steeped in history with five generations of the Jonkers family, offers a breathtaking backdrop for weddings. With panoramic views of both the east and west coasts, including Muriwai, Bethells Beach, and Auckland City, it’s a venue that captures the heart of New Zealand’s natural beauty. The farm’s diverse scenery includes rolling hills, native bush, waterways, and vintage farm buildings, making it an ideal setting for both woodland and rustic weddings. The 1940s woolshed and operational airstrip add unique elements to this versatile venue, perfect for a wedding that blends rural charm with elegance.

St Matthew’s in the City: This historic Anglican church in Auckland offers a blend of traditional elegance and modern sophistication, ideal for a grand wedding. The stunning architecture and central location make it a sought-after venue for couples looking for a mix of history and contemporary charm.

The McCallum Residence: Celebrate your love story at The McCallum Residence, an enchanting venue set against a private beach. This venue offers a magical setting for your special day, with the gentle lull of waves and golden hues of the sun creating a romantic atmosphere. It’s perfect for both intimate ceremonies and grand celebrations.

For grand celebrations like those at Brad’s Warehouse and Jonker’s Farm, LittleWolf offers a diverse array of menu options that can cater to a large number of guests without compromising on quality or presentation. Our offerings range from elegant canapés to sumptuous plated dinners, ensuring that every guest experiences the joy of fine dining. With our expertise in handling large-scale events, we ensure that your wedding feast is as memorable as the venue itself.

Mid-Sized Weddings (80 – 120 Guests):

Nocton Woolshed: Nestled near Clevedon, Auckland, Nocton Woolshed offers a unique blend of rustic charm and natural beauty, making it an ideal venue for mid-sized weddings. Originally a working shearing shed, it has been thoughtfully transformed into a captivating event space. The venue retains its original corrugated iron structure and rimu floor, providing an authentic and warm atmosphere. Accommodating up to 120 guests, it features a ceremony lawn and a wrap-around deck that immerse you in rural tranquillity. The views over the Clevedon River valley to the Hauraki Gulf and Islands are breathtaking, complemented by pōhutukawa trees, native bush, and birds. This venue’s history is as heartwarming as its setting – transformed from an idle woolshed into a cherished wedding venue after the owners’ daughter wished to get married there. Nocton Woolshed is not just a venue; it’s a canvas for couples to add their personal touch, ensuring each wedding is as unique and memorable as their love story.

Sapphire Room: Located in the heart of Ponsonby, the Sapphire Room is a versatile space perfect for weddings, corporate events, and more. With its urban loft feel and recycled wood floors, it offers a unique setting for mid-sized weddings. The venue’s oversized barn doors can separate the space into two areas, allowing for a flexible and customisable wedding experience.

Space on Crummer: Space on Crummer, located in Ponsonby, is a modern and versatile venue that can accommodate up to 120 guests. Its industrial and functional design, characterised by white walls and steel beams, provides a contemporary and sleek backdrop for any event. The venue’s adaptable nature makes it ideal for a range of celebrations, from intimate gatherings to lively product launches. The private courtyard, adorned with tasteful greenery, offers an outdoor escape where guests can mingle and enjoy the ambience. Whether you’re utilising the entire space or creating distinct areas within, Space on Crummer is designed to cater to the unique flow and feel of your event, ensuring a memorable experience for all.

In venues like Nocton Woolshed and Sapphire Room, our catering is tailored to blend seamlessly with the unique character of each space. We offer versatile menu options, from shared tables that encourage a communal dining experience to sophisticated cocktail menus that add a touch of luxury. Our focus is on creating a culinary journey that complements the intimate, yet lively, atmosphere of mid-sized weddings.

Intimate Weddings (Less than 80 Guests):

Administrator House: This award-winning, beautifully restored heritage building in Auckland is amongst the city’s premier bespoke venue spaces. With its impressive façade of Oamaru limestone and Nelson marble, Administrator House offers a rare example of commercial architecture by Basil Hooper. The venue’s natural light, high stud pressed ceiling, and stunning wooden floors make it an ideal choice for intimate, elegant weddings.

Little Wilderness: Tucked away just 25km from Auckland, Little Wilderness is a serene 15-acre property that epitomises the beauty of a daytime wedding. This Scandi-rustic venue – which is set amidst dreamy long-grass meadows, a private waterfall, a heritage orchard, and a towering totara forest – offers a naturally stunning backdrop for every photograph. Designed as a versatile, near-blank canvas, it invites couples to bring their unique vision to life, whether for the ceremony, reception, or the cherished moments in between. Embracing the modern, intimate, and relaxed essence of daytime weddings, Little Wilderness provides a concise yet flexible timeline, allowing for a personalised and stress-free celebration. Imagine a beautiful morning ceremony followed by a laid-back long lunch under the sun, with mimosas and music starting early, creating a relaxed atmosphere for speeches and toasts. This venue is not just a location but a starting point for forever, offering an intimate setting surrounded by lush greenery and the warmth of loved ones.

Boathouse Row: The tranquil paradise of Boathouse Row, a family-run haven of relaxation just 25 minutes from the bustling heart of Auckland. Managed by the Tate family, Alastair, a North Shore native, and Lindy, hailing from South Africa, bring their rich backgrounds in hospitality to ensure every visit is restful and rejuvenating. At Boathouse Row, exceptional service is the cornerstone of every experience, whether it’s for a wedding, corporate function, or a luxurious getaway. The Tates are dedicated to providing care without intrusion, aiming to make every stay memorable. They offer comprehensive planning assistance for events, with Lindy personally helping to organise or recommend top planners, and are happy to collaborate with your chosen wedding planner to make your day truly special. Amidst this serene setting, you can relax and rejuvenate, assured of privacy and tranquillity, as the family ensures a peaceful environment, perfect for starting your forever.

For more personal and intimate settings such as Administrator House and Little Wilderness, LittleWolf provides bespoke catering solutions that emphasise attention to detail and customisation. Whether it’s a relaxed long lunch under the sun or elegant canapés in a heritage setting, our menus are designed to enhance the intimate experience of your special day. We believe in creating dishes that not only delight the palate but also tell a story, making your wedding uniquely yours.

Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding is just the beginning of crafting an unforgettable experience. We pride ourselves on complementing these stunning venues with our exceptional catering services. Whether you’re planning a grand celebration, a mid-sized gathering, or an intimate affair, our team is dedicated to providing culinary experiences that match the unique atmosphere of each location. From the rustic charm of Nocton Woolshed to the tranquillity of Boathouse Row, our bespoke menus are designed to enhance the beauty and character of your chosen venue. With LittleWolf, every detail is considered, ensuring that your special day is not only memorable but also a true reflection of your style and taste.

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